Ever wondered how to make advocacy fun, interactive and stimulating? Then it’s never been easier!
At Advocreate, we use drama, film and other creative ways to help to develop self advocacy.
Please choose from the following workshop packages for your group.

Creative advocacy training

We use creativity at the heart of all our workshops to enable people to grow, be inspired and to assert themselves. Please choose from either:

Speak Up
We are one
In the picture
Forum theatre
Have your say
Present to me
The Interview
Managing relationships

Story build

We can use drama techniques to have fun, develop creativity or use safe story structures to explore real advocacy skills through a dynamic and empowering way.

Not a care in the world
Fun in a day
Marvel at me
Experience drama
Islanders and Explorers
The Secret
A town in two halves
Confidence close
I feel I see I touch

Accredited training

We can accredit these courses for you to Open College Network (OCN) entry level or level 1 depending on the amount of sessions and assessment needed.

Team building
Interview skills
Presentation skills
Train the drama trainer
Train the group facilitator

Film making

We can make films of any length and can work with your group using any genre of film making. The films can use animation and can be either or a mixture of:

My life on film  drama
My life on film  documentary
My life on film  information DVD

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We work in partnership with Access all Areas theatre company in Hackney, east London.
Our social enterprise enables many of our workshops to be assisted by trained and talented adults with learning disabilities.