Why creative advocacy?

why creative advocacy

Creativity allows people to express themselves without the usual barriers and constraints that they may face in everyday life. Creativity unlocks the potential in everyone and at Advocreate we believe in the potential of everyone. From the smallest movement to the big theatrical moment, everyone has the potential to offer some creative input through a non -patronising and empowering way. Please note that although the workshops may seem therapeutic, they are not drama therapy.

At Advocreate we mainly use drama, voice and movement to help unlock this creativity in everyone. People with a learning disability are very often excluded from mainstream activities, services, relationships and education and we would like to help empower people with the confidence to speak up for themselves through creativity. We also believe that carers should have the opportunity to relax and enjoy themselves away from their hectic caring life.

Our mission statement is to:

“Make tailor made drama workshops and projects for specific client groups to include people with a learning disability and carers that aim to empower, raise confidence and give a voice to those people often excluded from mainstream society.”

We believe that drama and creativity enable the following:

  1. Promote effective speaking and listening skills.
  2. Promote both physical and vocal awareness.
  3. Develop effective team building skills.
  4. Develop essential skills in concentration, eye contact and memory skills.
  5. Promote feelings of independence and self- esteem. 
  6. Give voice to any issues, concerns, emotions, ideas, thoughts, worries and humour.
  7. Offer a potential gateway for change.
  8. Provides a safe, relaxed and stimulating environment.
  9. Allows people to meet and share with others.
  10. Allows people to learn in their own way and at their own pace.



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